Shorewick’s book: AQUINNAH, DAWN OF MARTHA’S VINEYARD Haiku Enhanced Photos is now available as a Kindle e-book; Excerpts follow,

Bloodshot eye opens
Verdant lid occludes all view
Which inwardly spew
It is blood
No more to say
The people devour its flood
Adam did grow
From fine red clay, but know
This is the home of Tashtego
Cuneiform clay
Naught for posterity stay
With ocean play
The sand drawn vee
Mimics tide’s
Cyclic identity
Would myriad dancing feet
Breaching the shore
Record this sandy score
The galaxy’s pledge
Under our feet as much as
Beyond our knowledge
Empty shells foretell
A silence
That pebbles endure so well
Valued shells
And eroded ores
Bank on ancient shores
With a closer look
It is hard not to notice
Light’s delightful flock
Sea to haughty bluffs, atone
You are
But smooth stone
How many generations
Does it take
Sea to jagged edges break

© 2020 All Rights Reserved
The photographs and poetry in this collection originally were published in AQUINNAH, DAWN OF MARTHA’S VINEYARD, by T. M. Shorewick.

ISBN 9781702371148

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