When time becomes hard to endure consider a timeless reality through poetry


by T. M. Shorewick

Black holes, informational waves and poetry
Begin with that elusive singularity
Where nothing works
No bennies no perks

But information
Is the same at any station
In the universe
A truth no more perverse

Than the speed of light
All critters eyes’ consistent sight
Where that speed
Is a solid constant indeed

So like a grave wave
Information is a weighted slave
Not to time but space
It ever strides all over space’s place

Time does not matter
Like the Mad Hatter
Predictably late
For any important date

There is no atom, particle
So special
Bereft of information
Thus the fundamental explanation

Gravity can be a wave
Information its underlying pave
Attraction pacing between verity
And a black hole’s draining eternity

Hence poetry
Rails conversely
Against a black hole
Seeking some author of its parole

Whence there is no tense
Eternity has no temporal fence
While information’s style
Piles up a never ending info file

Music so deaf and dense
Language a ridiculous sense
All like poetry born
From that singularity forlorn

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