Shorewick Publishes his Latest Book — TRAILS, STREAMS AND OLD RAILS OF SOUTHEAST PENNSYLVANIA: Following Light’s Range with Lens and Haiku

Available now from Amazon, both in paperback and as a Kindle e-book, this work combines photography and haiku to extol the value of walking through the woods. Here are some sample pages.

Fungal forms around
Mushrooms require moisture
Stones care not what ground
Through a circle
One comes or goes
Always passing home
Warriors saluting
Worshipers adoring
Their object sometimes blaming
If I were water
You would see a surge upstream
With me on the crest
Is it what I saw
Thirsty dinosaur
Why the stony teeth
Are mute syllables
Of nature’s deep grammar
Reminder that form
Does not ever stop changing
Static not the norm
Watch a galaxy’s spiral
Spawn shapes
Nature takes viral
Can the cycle of the sun
Cause branches to twist
Seeking circular solution
Table’s fine setting
For a vegetarian
Or barbarian
Place to stand
Pretend to command
What you don’t understand
Bold skinny sprig
Challenges one boulder

Copyright © 2020

ISBN: 9798631373679

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