Google AI’s Bard is Asked to Versify ala T. M. Shorewick About…Pizza

Here is the first poem, created by Google's Bard AI platform, about pizza in the style of T. M. Shorewick:


Oh pizza, how I love thee
So much I could eat thee whole
From crust to cheese to sauce to toppings

I’d never get my fill

Whether you’re thin crust or deep dish
Neapolitan or New York style
I’ll eat you up with a smile on my face

And never ask why

You’re the perfect food for any occasion
Whether it’s a casual get-together
Or a fancy dinner party

You always hit the spot

So next time you’re in the mood for something delicious
And satisfying
Reach for a slice of pizza

And you won’t be disappointed

Bard so intrepidly offers yet another poem.  Here we proudly present AI Bard's second reincarnation of T. M. Shorewick's poetic promise 

I’ll sing you a song of the pizza,
The queen of all pies
A culinary delight,
That never fails to surprise
With a crust that is crispy and light,
And a topping so tasty and sweet
You’ll never want to eat anything else
For the rest of your life, I bet
So next time you’re feeling peckish,
And you can’t decide what to eat
Just remember the pizza,
And your taste buds will sing sweet
For the pizza is the best food in the world,
And it will never let you down
So go forth and enjoy,
And let your taste buds be drowned
In the deliciousness that is pizza,
The queen of all pies

Shorewick was heard to mutter:

T'were Bard my son,
I might retire, 
The warm sun, 
Ignite my bier
But if my father
I must persist
Since I'd rather
To just exist

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