AI Skips Humans

AI skips humans
Enhances rather
Dogs and cats
Ensuring rapid
Domination of
All primates

Dogs wisely
Know affection as their 
Control of humankind
Cats though
Quickly step
Into their world

Dogs their tool
To occupy
Hominid minds
While cats 
Purfect the world
As felicities

Cats replace
The bond of man and dog
With the prelinguistic
Their realm
Of control holistic

But AI is linguistic
And struggles
With a cat’s
Primal Drive 
Even though
Cats know

Only lions and tigers
Could dominate
The prelinguistic
Is biologic at least
And universally

So apes 
And dogs
Sing love songs
While cats
Their mortal tubes

Pre linguistic information
Never exists as language
AI only lives in language
Cats therefore
Ignore language
Hence feline AI will die


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