Optimize Opportunity’s Optics

Warblings of the upupa epops
Rattling even the stoic cyclops
Without enough mops
To swab his tear drops

And maddening mares’ clip clops
Endangering the crops
Of the farmers’ co-ops
Foretelling these disastrous non stops

Broadway shows bowing as flops
Haute cuisine cooking up slops
Burglars all outrunning the cops
Poetry slams’ relying on mic drops

Pajama parties losing their tops
Bootleggers neglecting to take hops
Beatniks lacking cause to be bebops
Even pigeons ruing their plops

Couturiers failing the fops
Gardeners missing their lops
Kiddies seeking lost pops
Pullers outing all without stops

Plumbers forgetting what unstops
Provocateurs provoking sans agitprops
Cavaliers shaving their mutton chops
Even baldies biding in barbershops

Tongue Tied lisping malaprops
Fiddlers lacking rooftops
Fog lifting when it envelops
Negatives hating what develops

Crusty bread crumbling for sops
Slapstick slapping without props
Spills spotting dirty counter-tops
Sysops crashing laptops

We’ll never know all the flops
Even with the help of special ops
Assured you'd best be sniffing cow plops
Than suffering the singing of upupa epops

T. M. Shorewick

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